Significant Subgraph Miner

The Significant Subgraph Miner (SSM) is an algorithm to find subgraphs in a single graph that are significantly associated with a set of vertices. It can handle a large variety of graph dataset types and vertex selections. Further it efficiently progresses through the search space so that most problems should be computable. The accompanying implementation is provided for free for research purposes. Some bugs may be present within the software and no guarantees are given! We would appreciate any comments, bug descriptions, suggestions or succes stories regarding the tool. This implementation should work on most regular size biological networks with any number of selected vertices and several node labels as demonstrated in the accompanying publication. The only requirement to run this version is a standard Perl 5+ installation and it has been extensively tested on Linux and Mac OSX systems. The example dataset is included in the zip file for illustrative and testing purposes. Please check the git repository for the latest version:

Significant Subgraph Miner v1.1 + Example dataset

Significant Subgraph Miner v1.0 (BioKDD) + Example dataset

Discovery of Significantly Enriched Subgraphs Associated with Selected Vertices in a Single Graph, BIOKDD’15 August 10, 2015