SNIPER (Snappy Interactive Pattern ExploRation)

SNIPER is the new web based version of MIME PDF and aims to provide an innovative interactive system for exploratory pattern mining. It is currently under heavy development and will be available for download soon:
  • Our new framework is built using Java while running Spring in the background for REST api support;
  • In the background SNIPER uses a novel data model called RealKD which is a joint effort between the University of Bonn and Fraunhofer IAIS (main contributor: Mario Boley) and the University of Antwerp (main contributor: Sandy Moens).

At this moment SNIPER supports the following data types and patterns types:

Data Patterns
  • data tables (.csv and .arff)
  • transactional data
  • textual data (one or many)
  • sequential data*
  • item sets
  • association rules
  • subgroups and exceptional models
  • sequence patterns
*essentially a data table where one attribute specifies the id and another the preference relation