Direct Local Pattern Sampling using CFTP

Abstract: This paper shows how coupling from the past (CFTP) can be used to avoid time and memory bottlenecks in direct local pattern sampling procedures. Such procedures draw controlled amounts of suitably biased samples directly from the pattern space of a given dataset in polynomial time. Previous direct pattern sampling methods can produce patterns in rapid succession after some initial preprocessing phase. This preprocessing phase, however, turns out to be prohibitive in terms of time and memory for many datasets. We show how CFTP can be used to avoid any super-linear preprocessing and memory requirements. This allows to simulate more complex distributions, which previously were intractable. We show for a large number of public real-world datasets that these new algorithms are fast to execute and their pattern collections outperform previous approaches both in unsupervised as well as supervised contexts. This is a joint work with M. Boley and T. Gaertner from Fraunhofer IAIS. The software can be found using the following link: